Ral Partha Hunt Trolls & Chaos Dwarves On Kickstarter

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Ral Partha Europe is on Kickstarter with a quick and cheerful Kickstarter which is looking to fund the return of a mighty Mountain Troll and some Chaos Dwarves.

Mountain Troll - Ral Partha Europe

The campaign is focused on bringing the larger Mountain Troll to life alongside a set of Chaos Dwarves which you could use in your old school skirmish games and maybe a few newer ones too. Here we have Snitgob looking like he is most certainly the foe your heroes end up fighting as a wandering monster.

Snitgob Mountain Troll - Ral Partha Europe

Perhaps protecting him, or having to deal with Snitgob lumbering into their mountain hold, we have these Chaos Dwarves. This band are known as the Sinister Six!

Sinister Six - Ral Partha Europe

I love these little dinky fellows, a perfect collection of warriors and characters that would work for smaller warbands or as leaders of a larger force. I think of the set, Skabrus is my favourite, perfect for wild colourful hair and bright armour.

Will you be picking up these Oldhammer-style miniatures?

"This band are known as the Sinister Six!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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