In the future… there is only 15mm!

December 9, 2010 by beerogre

As I indicated yesterday, I was going to feature another company who produce a line of 15mm Sci-Fi... so here it is... Critical Mass Games!

But what sort of things do Critical Mass produce, I hear you cry!

Well, they do the (seemingly mandatory) "Helmeted Humans in Chunky Armour" that could easily be the sort of design an XBox game might use... it's a pity there aren't any of them eh...

But they also have a very pretty range of "Dog-Men in Space" (called the Protolene, but they'll always be Dog-Men to me!), perfect for those hard Sci-Fi games like Traveller... or well... Traveller!

Finally... for this glimpse anyway... there are the Alien Mercenaries. These guys are my favourites, I love the difference looks, they really get the imagination going. I suspect some new races making an RPG appearance in the future.

So why not have a look at some of the other lines that Critical Mass Games has to offer and give some comments below!

BoW Andy

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