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UK Games Expo

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Organised Play At UK Games Expo 2019


UK Games Expo is only a couple of months away so let's get the scoop from two of the organisers about the tournaments and casual play you can expect to see.

Sign Up For Games Workshop Tournaments At UK Games Expo


Games Workshop will be running all manner of events at UK Games Expo this year. Registration for all of these is now open and you can find tickets HERE.

Publishers Designer Track At UK Games Expo

4 weeks ago 3

Justin is joined by Tony and Kate to talk about the Publisher Designer Track at UK Games Expo.

Family Activities At UK Games Expo 2019


The team from UK Games Expo are in the studio once more to discuss what amazing family activities are available at this years 2019 event.

Pre-Order The New Limited Edition UKGE 2019 T-Shirt


The team at UK Games Expo has now opened up pre-orders for their Limited Edition T-Shirt for this year's show.

Weird & Wonderful Sights At UK Games Expo 2019


The team from UK Games Expo are in the studio to talk about what the weird and wonderful sights are in store for the event in 2019.

Weekender: WIN New Age Of Sigmar Two-Player BATTLEBOX & Roman RISK!


We delve down into some awesomeness from a full week of tabletop gaming on The Weekender as the folks from UK Games Expo join us in the studio.

VLOG: In The Studio – UK Games Expo


This week we have a special bunch all the way from the mainland, today we're joined by the team from UK Games Expo.

RPG & LARP Tickets Now On Sale For UKGE 2019


The UK Games Expo opens up options for people to head on in and book their RPG & LARP Event Tickets for 2019!

Roll For Insight: From Toy Soldiers To Meeples


Ben puts forth some reasons why he thinks you should give board and card games a go, opening yourself up to an entirely new section of the tabletop world!

Roll for Insight: Wargaming & Accessibility


In this weeks Roll For Insight Ryan writes about accessibility in wargaming and how we can take some small steps forward.

Event Tickets Go Live For UKGE


UK Games Expo, the largest hobby games convention in the United Kingdom, is going live with tickets for the various events that will be running at it this year.

Behind The Wargame: Michael & Jo Of Oathsworn Miniatures


Ben gets to chat with Michael and Jo from Oathsworn Miniatures about Burrows & Badgers, the industry and more!

Roll For Insight: Ryan’s Life Spent At Play


Come and get to know another of the new members of the team, the ever wonderful Ryan!

Deathtrap Dungeon Live With Ian Livingstone At UK Games Expo


Ian Livingstone joins John Robertson for a live reading / performance at UK Games Expo 2018.

Check Out Hyperleague Racing On Kickstarter!


Come and learn more about the recent Hyperleague Racing Kickstarter and see if it's the game for you!

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!


UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!


We're discussing ELITE Dangerous: Battle Cards, the ongoing Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign and Warren falls in love with loads of mats at once!

Weekender: Wargaming Kursk & A Brand New Terrain Challenge!


We've got an interview looking at wargaming through Kursk AND the announcement of a new Terrain Challenge!

Vlog: OnTableTop Visits UK Games Expo


While it may seem like things are smooth sailing on the surface of OnTableTop and Beasts of War, there's a lot of preparation to do beforehand and to the demise of some of us, a lot of travelling too.

UK Games Expo Press Round-Up


We round-up a variety of the other outlets who put together content from UK Games Expo this year so YOU can see how everyone felt about the event!

Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop


Join us for The Weekender as we build a tabletop for Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars and show off some stunning painting for the Celestial competition!

Weekender: Mythic Weave Tales Of Solomon Kane + CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxed!


Today we're unboxing A Song Of Ice & Fire by CMON and hearing all about what makes Mythic Games' Solomon Kane tick with Az!

Vlog – Back to Business


After a long few days of travelling we've returned home safe and sound.

VLOG: Behind The Scenes Update From UKGE


Find out how the guys are getting on backstage at the UK Games Expo 2018.

UKGE Star Wars: Legion Tournament Live Stream


Welcome to the first fully sponsored Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Star Wars Legion tournament held at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Run and streamed by Glasshammer Gaming.

UK Games Expo Pre-Stream [4:30pm BST]


Come and join us for a pre-show Livestream at 4:30pm BST on Beasts Of War, Facebook, Youtube & Twitch.

VLOG: Set-Up Behind The Scenes For UKGE 2018


Welcome to our little look behind the scenes as we set up for our coverage of UK Games Expo. 

CMON Release Three New Board Games This Month


CMON has three board game releases for you this month as we drift through the end of May and into June, just in time for the UK Games Expo!

Pick Up Wild West Exodus’ Nakano Gozen During UK Games Expo This Weekend!


UK Games Expo will be the time to get your hands on the special Nakano Gozen model from the Wild West Exodus team.

Introducing OnTableTop


Over the next few months, this web community and platform is going to be getting a new name and identity...

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Game Design Philosophy & Salute Winners Announced!


We sit down with Roberto from Warcradle about the design philosophy for Wild West Exodus.

UK Games Expo Announces Shortlist For 2018 Awards


The UK Games Expo team has announced the shortlist of games and accessories that will be making up the 2018 Awards.

Weekender XLBS: Dusting Off Your Old Tabletop Games


Welcome to a plague-ridden episode of Weekender XLBS. I'm sure that Grandfather Nurgle is going to be kind to his sufferers...err...I mean, gifted individuals.

An Update On The Dystopian Age With Warcradle


Today we sit down with Stu from Warcradle to find out the juicy gossip of what's happening this year.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Deepkin, Bolt Action & 80s Beat ’em Ups!


We've got some awesome interviews and more for you today as well as a great prize from Warlord Games.

Cosy Dice & All Rolled Up Provide Merchandise For UK Games Expo


Cosy Dice and All Rolled Up are going to be supplying some of the Merchandise for UK Games Expo this year.

Seminars & Start-Ups At UK Games Expo


Exhibitors At UK Games Expo 2018


Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!


Come and join us for The Weekender where we're going to be taking a slice through the tabletop gaming hobby to check out what awesome stuff has been going on this week.

UK Games Expo Hall Plans Now Available


The UK Games Expo has now released the Hall Plan for this year's event!

Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!


It's the Weekend!

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