Pigs Can Fly With New Wrath Of Kings Releases Coming Soon

July 6, 2017 by brennon

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Wrath Of Kings may have had a slight delay on releases recently but they have some fun things coming your way with new Union Bombadiers coming for Teknes and more...

Union Bombadiers

Now those are some fun looking models and as mentioned in the title, it turns out that pigs really can fly! Teknes have a strange aesthetic to them but the draw of their models is hard to ignore. I love the pigs with their goggles on, they've got the right idea.

As well as the additional Teknes models coming in the near future the Hadross Character Pack is also coming your way.

Hadross Characters

Leaving the comic relief behind we're certainly now exploring the more deadly side of Wrath of Kings. The character on the right really does look superb and the sculpted mermaid tail there is utterly fascinating and almost hypnotic.  I like the idea that their weapons and armour is scavenged from sea creatures and debris too.

Watch the Webstore for more on Wrath Of Kings.

Have you been keeping up with Wrath Of Kings?

"I love the pigs with their goggles on, they've got the right idea..."

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