Time Lost Heroes Find Themselves At Crooked Dice

June 29, 2017 by dracs

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Crooked Dice have shown off four new pulp heroes who will be starring in their upcoming Time Lost programme.

Time Lost Heroes

These four look as though they have stepped right off of the pages of a classic pulp action comic. You could imagine them in weekly issues, punching Nazis as they explore hidden jungle ruins.

Time Lost Heroes 2

Time Lost Heroes 3

The first three seem fairly standard pulp, early 20th century heroes, while the man with the jetpack is far more Sci-Fi (as viewed by the early 20th century).

Maybe they have each been drawn from a different period of time and have come together to form the cast of 7TV's Time Lost.

What are your thoughts on these Crooked Dice creations?

"You could imagine them punching nazis as they explore hidden jungle ruins..."

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