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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Pacific Rim: Extinction

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An explosive game of Jaeger vs. Kaiju battles where you’ll fight with huge painted miniatures.

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a scenario-driven, tabletop miniatures strategy game of city-wide destruction and chaos of epic proportions, for two or more players. Join either the Pan Pacific Defence Corps or the invading Kaiju, and face off in a battle with the ultimate stake: extinction.

Pacific Rim: Extinction - Kicktraq Mini

DICEYMON - Roll the dice, summon monsters and battle

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DICEYMON is a strategic board game. A platform to play out your gaming skill, Beat down your opponent with impromptu combos.

DICEYMON - Roll the dice, summon monsters and battle - Kicktraq Mini

Flip & Find's Diner

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Flip & Find run a Diner that is in complete chaos. In this set-collection memory game, find the ingredients to fill order & make tips!

Flip and Find run a Diner that is in complete chaos. Orders are pouring in, and they can’t remember where they put their ingredients! In this memory game, players flip tiles to find the ingredients to complete orders. More difficult orders are worth more money, but if you can find a tip tile along with your ingredients, you can pocket some extra cash. Filling an order also gives you a one-time-use special ability, and the tougher the recipe, the better the reward.

Flip & Find's Diner - Kicktraq Mini

Rise of the Exiled: A Fantasy Throwing Card Game

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A unique game that combines adventure, fantasy and throwing cards. 2 to 12 players, 10-minute playtime.

Welcome to The Realm, a rich and storied land entrenched in turmoil. You are a warrior, equipped with powerful weapons and magics to aid your faction in the fight for control. But beware, your skill in this contest will not be determined by the roll of a die, but by the throw of a card.

Rise of the Exiled: A Fantasy Throwing Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

13 Bones: A Conquest of Captains

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13 Bones is an exciting race for the infamous "X" found on the great treasure maps... But Beware, You can't survive without Rum & Booty.

13 Bones is a new addition to classic gaming. We designed our game around the mechanics of wagering and gave it a Pirate theme; meanwhile, balancing the luck, strategy, and skill factors. Best of all, we wanted to give players the option to play with their favorite classic gaming tools, CARDS & DICE!

13 Bones: A Conquest of Captains - Kicktraq Mini

Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set

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Creating the finest 32mm resin war-gamin miniatures available. Our models make a great addition to your tabletop army or gaming system.

This project will begin with 10 figures and will expand to add more figures, add-ons, and freebies. If a picture is worth a thousand words than these images should speak for themselves.

Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set - Kicktraq Mini

Wreck and Ruin!

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Battle for lost technology in a post apocalyptic world. Shoot, ram and wreck your way to victory - it's kill or be killed!

In Wreck and Ruin, 2-4 players take command of post-apocalyptic convoys of vehicles and use their various strengths and special skills to shoot, ram, and wreck their way to victory!

Wreck and Ruin! - Kicktraq Mini

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Cult of Games Member

Woo Pacific Rim HYPE. Thanks for the heads up here @dracs Meant I got in on an Early Bird KS for the first time ever.

Cult of Games Member

Iron Harvest a RTS computer game opened on kickstarter today. Looks interesting.


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