New Battlecruisers To Pre-Order For Dropfleet Commander!

May 17, 2021 by fcostin

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Last Friday, we saw some new releases coming from TTCombat, and there are lots of new battlecruisers making their way into Dropfleet Commander this week. With some really unique looking ships, with some real individuality and ingenuity in the sculpts.

Scourge Shadow // Dropfleet Commander

The first Battlecruiser arriving this week is the Scourge Shadow, and this has had a complete rework on the sculpt. There have been some really great tweaks providing a new hull and a different cut to ensure a nice snug fit with a lot less frustration. The Shadow has launch bays on their wings too, making the ship a lot more versatile in battle. This ship is equipped with the main weapon the Magnetron Lash, equipped with a lock value equal to an opponent's armour. Being a fantastic unit to focus on some ambitious targets.

Scourge Umbra // Dropfleet Commander

The Scourge Umbra is a variant build to the new battlecruiser set. Trading in the Magnetron Lash for the Occulus Booster. Although this may not be as OP as the Magnetron Lash, the Occulus Booster grants a limited time bonus to your friendlies - causing further damage outgoing from your other friendly Scourge units.

Resistance Senator // Dropfleet Commander

My oh my, what a beast the Resistance Senator is. The entirety of the front is a completely new sculpt, enabling some heavy weaponry at the front of the ship, ready to cause some intergalactic chaos. There are a ton of missiles ready to for a takedown for opponents that are all up in your personal space, and VX bombs to deal with any other damage coming your way. TTCombat have described these bombs as " Massive warheads filled with a deadly nerve agent", so I am looking forward to see the pure savage damage that the Resistance Senator can do.

Resistance Triumvir // Dropfleet Commander

From one extreme to another. After missiles, missiles and more missiles, the Resistance Triumvir is the build to become your go-to repair ship. Having the ability to make repairs at a fast pace, being equipped with a "rapid-cure polymer foam", which can aid in patching up your depleting units with quick turnaround battlefield repairs.

If you want to read more about these ships in combat in-depth, including their stats and breakdown: head on over to the TTCombat community page here, where they talk you through all of the nitty gritties of the individual ships and their builds.

The Senator Battlecruiser, the Shadow Battlecruiser and two other releases of the Hematite and Pompeius Battlecruisers are now available to preorder in the TTCombat Store, available for release on 21st May 2021.

What ship is your favourite and what build would you choose? 

"There have been some really great tweaks providing a new hull and a different cut to ensure a nice snug fit with a lot less frustration..."

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