Check Out WizKids Unpainted D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Range

February 15, 2017 by brennon

WizKids has now announced their first batch of Unpainted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures, featuring monsters and heroes for use in your campaigns.


The range is actually quite extensive covering some of the basic D&D monsters as well as more elaborate pieces like the Griffon above. But first, let's take a look at some of the monsters on offer.


You'll find plenty of creatures to help build up a warband of minion creatures to add to your campaigns. Everyone, for example, needs Goblins...

Goblin Archer

...and Kobolds.

Kobold Fighter

There are also some of the bigger creatures that might make for more elite enemies like Orcs...


...and this gigantic Spider which actually comes in a few different variants. There are already a few options available for a lot of these foot troops including multiple different weapon variants.


Personally one of the creatures I think doesn't get the focus it deserves is the humble skeleton in games of D&D. With so many fantastic beasts to pick from the poor old brittle-boned undead fellow gets forgotten!

Skeleton Warrior

Admittedly it's hard to ignore how cool a Displacer Beast actually is.

Displacer Beast

You might be thinking that all we're seeing here are renders but wait till later in this piece (or scroll down now) to see some painted versions of these creatures. I really urge you to go and look at the rest of the collection, linked above, as it does have a lot more to offer too.


You can't have a Dungeons & Dragons adventure without heroes and that's where this next crop of characters comes in.

Dwarf Male Fighter

The range boasts an impressive selection at the moment covering most of the classes. They are also working on a wide range of both male and female versions of the characters AND variant poses too.

Human Female Barbarian

I think the heroes are looking even better than the monsters and it's great to see that they've put a lot of attention to detail into their sculpts at this render stage and it appears to be carrying over into the sculpts.

Halfling Male Rogue

The added addition of some effects to a few of the models is also great. Here we have a Halfling Rogue (above) uncorking a bottle of something mysterious to vanish into the shadows.

Human Female Ranger

As I mentioned above we have actually seen some painted examples of the models thanks to WizKids. So, see what you think and let me know your thoughts...

Painted Examples

Here we see two of the variants of the Human Wizard and the Halfling Rogue in the corner too. I think they've turned out nicely for D&D miniatures!

Hopefully, we'll see more examples of these popping up on the internet so we can get a good idea of the quality on offer here.

What do you think?

"The range is actually quite extensive covering some of the basic D&D monsters as well as more elaborate pieces like the Griffon above..."

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