D&D’s Aurinax & More Coming Soon From Gale Force Nine!

January 17, 2019 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has dropped us a few awesome images of the new Dungeons & Dragons miniatures which will be hitting shelves in January and February. The first (and biggest) of the releases is the wonderful miniature of Aurinax that you might know from the cover of Vault Of Dragons.

Aurinax Dragon - Gale Force Nine

This massive dragon comes atop his horde of treasure, a proper boss for your characters to fight should they manage to delve down deep under the city of Waterdeep. As well as the dragon you also get the miniature for Barok Clanghammer. This is the guise that Aurinax takes when not in his dragon form!

Whilst some draconic foes might be out to eat you immediately, Aurinax is a little more merciful and wise. In fact, you might find that you end up working alongside him rather than fighting him!

Dramatis Personae

As well as the mighty dragon Aurinax there are a whole array of different characters coming out that have been designed to match the characters from Dungeon Of The Mad Mage. The first is Durnan Of The Yawning Portal who will be serving as the barkeep at the abode where your heroes might be taking refuge.

Durnan - Gale Force Nine

We also have the Mad Mage himself, Halaster Blackcloak. This crazy old coot is quite mad when within the confines of Undermountain, using all manner of strange magical artefacts to protect his treasures and research.

Halaster Blackcloak - Gale Force Nine

However, away from Undermountain, he retains his wit and intelligence, able to twist politics and the events of the city of Waterdeep and the surrounding area to fit his whims. I think the miniature looks awesome, especially with that Robe Of Eyes watching his enemies every movement.

Next up we have the suitably evil Ezzat The Lich who will no doubt be trying to undermine all of your plans and perhaps become the focus of your quests when in the city of Waterdeep.

Ezzat The Lich - Gale Force Nine

I love the more casual look to the miniature here, giving you a look at how the Lich might be when he's not trying to deal with annoying adventurers. As discussed on the Hobby Hangout this week, it awesome when you get to paint books, and here you're given a whole stack of them!

Classic Foes

We have two normal characters to add to the roster for Gale Force Nine's Dungeons & Dragons collection too with the Githyanki Warrior who might make for a good player character model if you're up for using alternative races...

Githyanki Warrior - Gale Force Nine

...and also the Planetar here who you won't be seeing until you're a much higher level!

Planetar - Gale Force Nine

Both miniatures are packed with the same amount of detail that we've seen present amongst the named characters which I like. It means that as well as being pieces that could be used for gameplay purposes an avid painter could go wild with these releases too.

What do you think of the upcoming miniatures?

"What do you think of the upcoming miniatures?"

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