NEW Dungeons & Dragons Releases From Gale Force Nine

June 20, 2019 by dracs

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Gale Force Nine has been working away on all sorts of releases which are coming out to support the expanding Dungeons & Dragons world throughout the rest of this year. We had a chance to talk to John-Paul Brisigotti about everything!

NEW Dungeons & Dragons Releases From Gale Force Nine

Some of the key things that popped up were their range of accessories which are very hand for Dungeon Masters. For example, you have the Ships And The Sea Screen here...

...and, always a firm favourite, a whole host of maps too which help ground your characters within the Forgotten Realms.

They have also been working very hard on a paint set which caters to those who want to paint their Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. For example, here we have the Underdark Paint Set which comes with a free miniature of Drizzt Do'Urden!

As well as that we're seeing some expansion to their board game library with an expansion to the successful board game, Vault Of Dragons called Blessing Of The Gods.

We also have additional helpful options for Dungeon Masters in the form of monster cards from Volo's Guide To Monsters which make keeping track of all their stats and abilities much easier.

The same goes for the monsters that were revealed as part of Mordekainen Tome Of Foes.

Again, these are all very handy for those that want to get stuck into lots of awesome monsters with very little hassle.

The Descent Into Avernus & Special Miniatures

The newest set of releases though come in the form of additional support for the next chapter in the D&D story, Descent Into Avernus with options like the...

Descent Into Avernus Dungeon Masters Screen

...and a whole bunch of awesome miniatures which you can see here, starting with...


Mad Maggie

Sylvira Savikas


Thavius Kreeg

Little Lulu & Slobberchop

Arkhan The Cruel (aka Coolest Dragonborn Ever...)


Torogar Steelfist

Lulu The Hollyphant




Creature & NPC Cards (For Player's Handbook & Beyond)

Epic Monster Cards



Evelyn Marthain


Paultin Seppa

Minsc & Boo

Drizzt Do'Urden


If you're a mega D&D fan some of these new miniatures will have caught your eye. What stands out to you?

Which of these catches your eye? 

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