The Latari Elves Arrive On The Battlefield Of RuneWars This Year From FFG

April 10, 2017 by brennon

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The Latari Elves are the third faction for the world of RuneWars, coming later this year to add to the game with a full on expansion Army Box. Take a look at what Fantasy Flight Games were showing off...

Aliana of Summersong

Leading the way for the Latari Elves we have Aliana of Summersong, another awesome looking female leader for these armies on the tabletop. She rides into battle atop her Leonx with a deadly looking Kopesh in hand.

As well as having Impact when she charges in and Precise in her rules she also allows for better use of your Leonx Riders. She is able to redeploy them on the battlefield with ease, allowing you to counter the enemies moves on the tabletop.

Leonx Riders

Talking of these beasts, they are the cavalry option open to you as the Latari Elves in RuneWars. Forming up atop their wild cats we have some rather excellent looking units.

Leonx Riders

Their unique surges in combat allow them to really lay down the hurt on the enemy when they charge in. They also have a very high initiative, allowing them to get the drop on their enemies and all manner or movement choices offering them plenty of ways to redeploy on the battlefield?

Deepwood Archers

Supporting them from range, we have the Deepwood Archers (or the Derpwood Archers my friends and I continually call them - card game joke, never mind haha) who look the part of keen-eyed Elven Archers.

Deepwood Archers

Not only can these fellows lay down a withering hail of arrows on the enemy but their unique surge allows you to fire and then move out of the way of oncoming units allowing you to effectively sidestep a charge if you're careful!

It also means they can disengage faster and then reposition for a better shot, keeping their advantage of range. I think the models look fantastic for these Elves too with their mix of leather armour and flowing cloaks.

Considering I've painted my Daqan in green though I reckon a purple and blue scheme would look good for these Elves.

Aymhelin Scions

Last but not least we have the Aymhelin Scions who are their larger beasts they use in battle akin to the Rune Golem and the Carrion Lancer.

Aymhelin Scion

They are able to stun the enemy units they engage with and then make sure they root their foes in place using immobilise too. They will effectively keep those pesky units bogged down until you can get them ranged in with arrows or a charge on the flank by the Leonx.

It also looks epic and would be worth taking a closer look at with simple drybrushing techniques and some source lighting for the glowing heart of the tree.

What do you think of the Latari Elves?

"I think the models look fantastic for these Elves too with their mix of leather armour and flowing cloaks..."

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