Akula Show How WW1 Could Have Been With Dwarfs

January 23, 2012 by dracs

OK so we all know about Weird World War games, where the epic wars of reality are played out with the inclusion of walkers, vampires, aliens and big green things with teeth. But what about World War One fantasy?

Akula's Armies have set out to do just that with this army of Russian Dwarfs.

These minis are designed to compliment some of the minis already available which also follow this concept (check out Hasslefree's British styled Kindred / Halflings or Goblin Garrison's German gobbos) and it looks like an Ottoman Turkish Undead army could soon be following these Dwarfs.

This creates some really intriguing wargaming possibilities, and a set of downloadable rules will be available shortly after Salute 2012.

But what are your thoughts on this? Might some of you give Fantasy WW1 games a try?

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