AntiMatter Successfully Fund Their Conquest of the Underlands

October 22, 2013 by dracs

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With 9 days left to go on the Kickstarter AntiMatter have successfully funded their new ShadowSea project Conquest of the Underlands. This means we have a ton of new minis to look forward to, including a possible resculpt of an old favourite.

Old Kalath

This is Kalath the Reaver, a memberofthe Dragonblood line whose master cast was lost, meaning no more resing molds could be made. Tis a sad story, but now that ShadowSea is funded we might see a resculpt in the works.

Kalath Original Concept Art

Now while the original model was a popular one there are still problems with it in regards to the posing of the rider and the dinosaur mount itself. So, if the Kickstarter manages to get enough funding in its stretch goals this could be a great chance for an awesome new mini.

Kalath Resculpt

I love all things scaly so I really hope that this new mini can become a reality. It would make an excellent centre piece for any ShadowSea collection and I myself would be tempted to get one to include in my Lizardmen army.

If you want to see this dinosaur rise from extinction be sure to head over and check out the ShadowSea Kickstarter.

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