Avatars Of War Take You To The Lands Of Barbaria

September 14, 2013 by brennon

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The warrior people of Barbaria have some great artwork thanks to Avatars of War and these are just some of the upcoming models that will spring from their concept art...

Barbaria #1

Barbaria #2

Barbaria #3

As you can see these warriors are certainly taking inspiration from the likes of Warhammer and of course Conan. It's about time these guys built on their human factions within the world of Warthrone and while most of the rules are still in Spanish I hold out hope for the English rules sooner rather than later.

Barbarians are pretty awesome whatever the game and if the sculpts are anything like the rest of Avatar's work then we're in for a treat here. Could be the perfect way to make that Marauder based army for Warhammer Fantasy you've always wanted.

Are these guys your kind of warrior?

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