Avatars of War Tease Us With the Prospect of Dwarfs

October 1, 2012 by dracs

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If you are like BoW Ben than you will love the new pictures which are appearing from Avatars of War. That's right, it looks like more dwarfs will soon be appearing over the horizon.

Avatars of War - Dwarf Teaser

Avatars of War - Bronzeshields

These guys are called the Bronzeshields, the younger warriors of the dwarf clans, but just because they might be little younger than the other warriors doesn't mean you should dismiss them.

The miniatures themselves show a great level of detail and a wide variety of positioning, making the unit appear far more like a grouping of individuals rather than row after row of identical minis. Dwarfs are without doubt one of the best loved and most characterful of the standard fantasy races out there and this new unit certainly looks to do them justice.

Are any of you excited to see Avatars of War's latest short, bearded warriors? Just how much do you want a unit of these guys Ben?

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