Carnevale… Get a Starter set and a FREE Blister Pack!

July 23, 2012 by dracs

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To tie in with our Carnevale Week, the kind folks over at Wayland Games are offering a superb set of deals on Carnevale faction starter sets, plus some cool blister packs to really bulk out your force!

You can view all of the bundles here, but here are a few that caught my eye!

The Patricians Logo

The Patricians Starter Set with FREE Venetian Soldiers
These masked and decadent Nobles can be backed up by an increased force of Venetian Soldiers. These guys can be equipped with a choice of weaponry, which they can swap out during the battle... that... and with their Bodyguard skill, they can defend their noble charges to the death!

The Rashaar Logo

The Rashaar Starter Set with FREE Radru Rashaar
What's better than some large, hungry fishmen to eat your foes? How about a huge, ravenous fishman!
The recently released Radru Rashaar is a fantastic addition to your force bringing even more of Dagon's fury to bear against your unsuspecting opponent.

The Guild Logo

The Guild Starter Set with FREE Dog Keeper & Dogs
The Guild are fearsome street fighters, but nothing helps them deal with pesky mages and musketeers faster than a set of vicious hunting dogs!
the Dog Keeper is a great addition to any Guild force, bringing some fast moving models to bear against more distant enemies.

The Ospidale Logo

The Doctors of the Ospedale Starter Set with Free Mad Men

What would the fiendish Doctors be without more Madmen to drain for stronger magic... this bundle brings even more foaming madmen to the table with their tasty-tasty Karma points for your Plague Doctor to siphon into his sinister spells.

I hop you guys enjoy Carnevale week and if you're interested in starting a Carnevale force, why not post your list below and share your nefarious ideas...

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