Cipher Bring Out New Releases for Anima Tactics

May 31, 2011 by dracs

Cipher Studios are bringing out two new releases for their Anima Tactics game.

First up there is High Arbiter Aizen.

"There is no power in the Azur Alliance greater than that of High Arbiter Aizen, the Arbiter of Shadows. To most who meet him in battle, he is death incarnate. This ancient creature absorbs the power of all those he has defeated, becoming a vessel full of souls lost in the dark."

Alongside this sinister figure is the Male Wissenschaft Agent.

"Nobody knows how the enigmatic Prince Lucanor selects his agents. The motivations that bring someone like him to choose wholly disparate individuals to join the organization are also a mystery. Regardless they are all bound to Wissenschaft by ties stronger than loyalty. Some owe their lives to the Prince or have found in Wissenschaft the only place they truly feel at home. While they may not all appear to have anything in common, Wissenschaft is the focus of their lives."

So far no images of the miniatures themselves have been put up, but we are assured that they are in the process of being painted. However the artwork alone is impressive, especially for High Arbiter Aizen and I can't wait to see how the miniatures will compare.

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