A Dire Harpy Swoops In From Avatars Of War

June 25, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War are continuing their expansion to the Warthrone game with another miniature, and this time it's not bearded. Check out the Dire Harpy that will be harrying the enemy forces from above...

Dire Harpy of the Apocalypse

This creepy looking beast has some wicked looking fangs in that maw and I like the reptilian design to it over all which you can see in the wings and the tail.

The Host of the Apocalypse now has a great unit for flying down the flanks and picking off smaller units. She will also act as a leader to a unit of standard Harpies allowing you more power for your buck.

In general the Avatars of War range is a perfect selection of miniatures for fantasy battles and I can't wait to see their Dragonborn, Humans and of course the rules in English!

What do you think of the Harpy?

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