DKH: Ancient Grudge Artwork & Warband Deals from Mantic

December 9, 2011 by brennon

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The week of Ancient Grudge news has come to an end, and we have had a look inside the box at the contents and heard a bit more about the philosophy behind the game. Now Jake Thornton talks artwork and tiles. Mantic have also put together a nice selection of Warband Bundles and Dwarf King's Hold Packs for you to drool over...

Dwarf Kings Hold Series Collection

Above is also the great bundled pack for the Dwarf King's Hold series. Both games and the new expansion together with the Dwarf Driller which was currently available with the Dead Rising/Green Menace combo.

The Warbands on offer so far are for the Undead (Kirak's Awakening & Ghosts & Ghouls), Dwarves (Rulaf's Glory Seekers & Vulbar's Exiles), and Orcs (The Bruiser & The Cleaver).

If you want a refresher on how to play Dwarf King's Hold, or are now interested in the game. See our game play video with the one and only Jake Thornton here. And for Green Menace here.

I am loving the direction of Dwarf King's Hold so far, and can't wait to play the newest expansion next year.

What about you?

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