Fear Titan Forge’s Dread Reapers

January 9, 2014 by dracs

More of Titan Forge's corrupted Metal Beards have appeared on their Kickstarter. With massive two-handed scythes ready to cut down their foes, beware the Dread Reapers.

Dread Reapers

Dread Reapers 2

Dread Reapers 3

Scythes are one of those weapons that look instantly sinister. Of course, if there is any army who should wield a weapon for cutting the enemy down to a more manageable size I suppose it's dwarfs.

I would be worried that the scythes look a little bit ungainly, but the models still look pretty good. Titan Forge have made a point of pointing out the chain beards and I can see why. It is details like that that make for a more characterful miniature.

Have you chipped into Titan Forge's Kickstarter?

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