Get Warpfired Up For Forge World’s Latest Dragon!

March 16, 2012 by dracs

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Warhammer Forge have released a new twisted dragon who's rules will be included in their upcoming Monstrus Arcanum book. The Warpfire Dragon!

Forge World - Warpfire Dragon

Forge World - Warpfire Dragon Face

Forge World - Warpfire Dragon Scale

The destructive power and twisted form of a Warpfire Dragon is fuelled and maintained by devouring pure warpstone. Only the mighty constitution of a dragon could withstand the effects of so much concentrated power without it being torn to pieces, although the violent death of such a creature often leads to a spectacular and explosive end.

I think this is a rather nice monster mini. It doesn't have the over the top mutated look of the standard Chaos Dragons, but from the appearance of the head still manages to have a sense of not being quite right.

What's your opinion on this dragon? Think he might be useful in your games?

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