Grab Rules For The Barbarian Warlord In Avatars Of War

May 31, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War have added rules to the Card Maker (linked on the front page) for the Barbarian Warlord when used in Arena Deathmatch. Check out the artwork and miniature below...

Barbarian Warlord Model

Barbarian Warlord

"From the cold steppes of Barbaria arrives the Barbarian Warlord, a fierce and brutal warrior who does not know or follow the "rules" of war, but with the power and strength to subdue enemies much more skilled in combat.

A fearless fighter with the knowledge that he might at any moment be drinking alongside Ülfgan the Magnificent, celebrating his death!"

A mighty warrior that has a superb looking model and it's great that new rules are now out alongside the card maker for this game. If you play Arena Deathmatch is this a welcome addition to your force?

Get Barbaric!

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