Mierce Miniatures Show Off Some Mighty Monsters

October 19, 2013 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures might have finished their Darklands: First Edition Kickstarter but they are still showing off some pretty awesome looking monsters and characters from their A World of War Kickstarter too.

Gamla Bror (Front)

Gamla Bror (Rear)

First up we have this deadly creation Gamla Bror who looks pretty darn epic. These miniatures have been floating around the internet for a while but as I just stumbled on it today I had to show it off. I love the detail these guys get out of their figures.

Jowan & Hound

As well as that massive troll we also have a look at Jowan and his Hound as they stalk across the battlefield. I like the work on the cloak and the massive horned helm. That axe would put an end to one of his foes too.

Vaak, Moraine-Beast (Front)

Vaak, Moraine-Beast (Rear)

This is my favourite from their recent updates though. Next to Dwarfs and Vikings I do have a love of Giants and anything massive like this. Vakk is one hell of a piece and think about the amount of material that has to be used to construct one of these.

While their recent Kickstarter will be funding the game proper its fun to look at some of their monster projects. Oh and let's not forget this epic Dragon...


Now that is a Dragon worthy of legends. This line of miniatures, albeit with confusing names for most things, has been a real hit with folks and it's neat to once again be taking a look at it all.

Have you been bitten by the Mierce bug?

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