More Mighty Dwarves From Avatars Of War!

July 26, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War have some more awesome surprises for you when it comes to Dwarves. Check out both their Berserker Lord and Dwarf Pathfinders below. They look awesome...

Berserker Lord with Great Weapon

Dwarf Pathfinders

First up we have the Berserker Lord with a very snazzy hairdo and a mighty great weapon. I love the character these guys work into their heroes and as a big fan of Dwarves as it is this one is right up there. He would be the perfect champion for a unit of berserkers from Avatars of War.

Next up we have the Dwarf Pathfinders that are some of the best looking Dwarf miniatures I have seen. I love their sullen look and their cloak garb. They are insanely awesome and a perfect addition to a Dwarf army. I haven't even seen them in the flesh yet but I know they are going to be epic!

I have mentioned before on many other posts that I would love to play Kings of War but I don't like the Dwarf army figures. I think I have found the range to draw from.

I need ALL these Dwarves.

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