Otherworld’s Barrowmaze Crypt Knight Lurches to the Fight

January 27, 2014 by dracs

Otherworld Miniatures are continuing to create the range of miniatures for the current Barrowmaze Complete IndieGoGo campaign, the latest of which is the sinister, lurching form of a Crypt Knight.

Crypt Knight

Now, the photo doesn't do a great job in showing off the miniature, but we can still see a very nice level of detail and character to this sculpt. I'd be almost tempted to call it a 'realistic' undead knight. You could actually see that this creature is still wearing the armour it was buried in, rather than Games Workshop's Wights which all seem to have been buried in the most impractical and bulky armour possible.

Are any of you chipping into the adventures of Barrowmaze?

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