The Relics IndieGoGo Project has only One Day Left!

May 30, 2012 by brennon

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Tor Gaming have achieved amazing success with their IndieGoGo Project for not only the new Nuem Faction but a mass of other races within the world of Relics.

Relics Logo

The scheme which was aiming for just $600 has smashed it to smithereens and reached the heady heights of $9,398 (as of right now, I expect it to rise still!).

As well as having access to the Nuem faction all other races within their world are open to people who fund this project. That's not to mention the different Target Buster perks for people who want that little more.

So while there is still time left and you feel the need to pledge, head over and back their project here.

If you don't, the Nuem will come and get you!

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