What Do the Runes Say About Spellcrow’s Dwarf?

October 8, 2013 by dracs

A while back Spellcrow unveiled an awesome looking Dwarf Rune Priest. Well it has been a bit of a wait, but it looks like we can expect to see him in the Spellcrow store soon!

Dwarf Rune Priest and Orc Weapons

Spellcrow put out this preview of the model and I have to say I think he is looking awesome. There is a great level of detail in the sculpt and I particularly like his Rune Staff / hammer / he's a dwarf, whatever it is he'll hit people with it.

Accompanying the Rune Priest in the photo is a selection of scavenger Orc weaponry. These have the rough and ready approach to weaponry that we love so much about orcs and it will add a great level of character to a unit to see some of them waving lengths of pipe and axel bars, as well as their trade mark choppers.

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