Russian Alternative Raise Guns & A Vampire Lord!

October 25, 2013 by brennon

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Russian Alternative have got some more fantasy models for us including both Chaos Dwarves and a deadly Vampire Lord. See what you think of these miniatures below...

Dwarves of Fire Canyon With Fire Glaives

First up we have these Dwarves of Fire Canyon thanks to Miniatures.Ru who have done some digging and shown off these armed and dangerous warriors. Here are a few more in detail...

Chaos Dwarf #1

Chaos Dwarf #2

Chaos Dwarf #3

I do like the look of these sculpts and the painting on them is pretty snazzy too making you want the shiny even more! These chaps have obviously been done in the similar style we've seen before but I don't think that hurts them at all. It's nice to see a bit of the old school.

Female Vampire Lord

As well as the Dwarves they have also released the Female Vampire Lord who looks absolutely stunning. It looks like she comes with the option of wings or not-wings but there is so much detail in there. I think she would be a brilliant enemy for a role-playing game or a fantastic Lord for your Warhammer Fantasy army.

Some great miniatures!

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