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Russian Alternative Show Off New Sculpting Work On A Dwarf


Russian Alternative have shown off some new sculpting work by one of their team, Igor Karpov. The first piece for the company is this heavily armoured Dwarf.

Snarling Wolf Riders Charge Out Of Russian Alternative


Russian Alternative have shown off some of the new models they’ve been sculpting away at on their workbench. Feeding into the world of the greenskins they have these Goblin Wolfriders who look ready for a raid…

Russian Alternative’s Orc Standard Bearer is Furiouz!


The Russian Alternative have released their latest fantasy figure, the long awaited Furiouz Orc Standard Bearer.

Take Aim on Russian Alternative’s Goblin Sharp Shooters


The Russian Alternative are giving the forces of evil dwarfs a break as they announce the release of their much anticipated Goblin Sharp Shooters.

The Russian Alternative Dwarves March to the Sound of Bagpipes


The Russian Alternative have released a second command set for the vicious Dwarves of Fire Canyon, including one who will be bringing the musical notes of the bagpipe to encourage your armies in combat.

Russian Alternative Raise The Orc Standard


Wave the banner for your Orc Horde thanks to Russian Alternative with their work-in-progress sculpt.

Russian Alternative’s Dwarves Get Their Hands on Great Weapons


We previously saw some of Russian Alternative’s Dwarves of Fire Canyon armed with guns that would make even the bravest think twice about charging them. Now they will have cause to think a third time as they have now been released with great weapons!

Hobgoblins & More On The Horizon For Russian Alternative


Take a look at some more Russian Alternatives coming out of this awesome company. I am quite a fan of those goblins although it’s heresy for a Dwarf to say so!

Russian Alternative Raise Guns & A Vampire Lord!


Check out these superb looking fantasy miniatures all the way from Russia. We have to think for some of these images!

The Russian Alternative Show Off Their Furious OrcGirlz!


Check out some furiously hot OrcGirlz from the Russian Alternative!

Bow Before the Russian Alternative Queen of the Vampires


Russian Alternative, makers of a great range of fantasy miniatures, have been previewing an upcoming sculpt showing their own take on one of the all time classic fantasy monsters. It is of course a Vampire!

Betray Your Brothers With The Dwarf Of Fire Canyon


Check out another miniature from Russian Alternative to lead your armies into battle.