The Russian Alternative Dwarves March to the Sound of Bagpipes

March 20, 2014 by dracs

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The Russian Alternative have released a second command set for the vicious Dwarves of Fire Canyon, including one who will be bringing the musical notes of the bagpipe to encourage your armies in combat.

Dwarves of Fire Canyon Command Group 2

Dwarves of Fire Canyon Champion

Dwarves of Fire Canyon Banner

Dwarves of Fire Canyon Bagpipe Player

I love The Russian Alternative's Dwarves. They suitably build upon the classic chaos dwarf style that we all recognise, while making them a bit more cruel and threatening than the classic Games Workshop sculpts.

This command set is currently available on The Russian Alternative eBay and make a nice alternative set to lead your force of evil beardies.

What do you think of these dwarves' taste in music?

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