Twelve Elements Of War Unlocks First Stretch Goal

December 10, 2013 by brennon

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Sword & Board Games have pushed through to the first stretch goal on their Kickstarter campaign for Twelve Elements of War. Backers now have access to the Keepers faction...

Keeper Female Ogre & Male Troll

Keeper Female Halfling & Male Human

Keeper Dwarf, Faun & Goblin

As you can see they look very cool indeed, at least from the concept artwork. What I also like from this game is that the factions are not determined by race but indeed by an overarching philosophy. I like the idea that they all split up and follow their own path.

Keeper Sabre Hound

Keeper Hunting Harrier

They also have access to some very interesting animals as you can see above. I think this force is going to be a very popular one and it has a nice look and feel to it. This game has some bad ass looking Dwarfs in it, so that's a big plus for me too!

What do you think of this new faction?

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