More Undead Orcs Rise to Join Titan Forge

August 13, 2012 by dracs

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Titan Forge's IndieGoGo campaign is steadily rising, like a dead goblin from its grave. To celebrate having passed not only their $5000, but also theiir $6000 stretch goal they have shown off even more gruesome green goodies.

First check out these awesome Zomblins.

Titan Forge - Zomblins

These are some of the limited range of Zomblins unlocked with the "More Zomblins" goal. These guys are an excellent mix between the comical and the macabre. I am particularly taken with the one carrying his head in his hands.

Just to tantalize us a little more, Titan Forge have published some images of Burtz the Ghostcaller in all his painted glory.

Titan Forge - Burtz the Ghostcaller Painted

This guy will definitely cut an imposing figure on the battlefield. The ghosts surrounding the sculpt make him look particularly cool, especially the goblin ghost diving through his banner. I want to see some game rules written just so I can see how this guy would play on the tabletop.

Finally we have the privilege, nay I may even say the honour, of getting our first glimpse at the lord of this horde of undead mayhem. Please welcome Dragskul himself.

Titan Forge - Dragskull

Now this is just an initial WIP, but I have to say that he doesn't quite look as impressive as some of the other miniatures we have been seeing. However, those same minis give us hope that this will soon shape up to be the most imposing greenskin of them all.

How do you think this undead force is shaping up? If you want to get in on these great minis head over to IndieGoGo and pledge your support.

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