Warthrone Festers with the Coming of the Corruption

October 12, 2012 by brennon

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The pox is coming to the world of Warthrone by Avatars of War with the coming of the Corrupters of the Apocalypse. These great weapon armed warriors will soon be coming to a tabletop near you...

Corrupters of Apocalypse with Great Weapons

Done in the War-Cast Resin/Plastic hybrid material these should be another great addition to the Warthrone line. There certainly looks to be a fair amount of options for this regiment, something we have come to know and love from Avatars of War.

With Dwarves coming in November this is a great new addition that should hopefully pave the way for many more armies to come. Head over to the Avatars of War website and have a look through some of their other superb regiments and awesome heroes.

What do you make of the Corrupters?

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