Wild West Exodus Announce Marie Laveau For Pre-Order

February 15, 2019 by cassn

Wild West Exodus have announced their latest character addition to their alternate timeline skirmish game. Legendary Marie Laveau is the oldest servant and a senior member of the stygian fragment of the Hex. Due to her station, she wields a disproportionate amount of influence on the direction of the Hex's plans.

She has seen members come and go, she has even had a hand in removing some personally, most notoriously the Dark Shepherdess whose monuments can still be found in the wilds of the Disputed Territories...Whether she was once human and her extended exposure to the pure energies of the Hex have turned her into the creature she is now or whether she is something altogether more sinister, only she knows for certain...


There are some amazing details on this model to appreciate - I particularly like the oozing on the tentacles. I can see why the Hex listens to what she has to say - I wouldn't want to argue with her either!

Legendary Marie Laveau will be open to general release next week, but can be pre-ordered through Wild West Exodus now!

Will you be bringing Marie Laveau to your tabletop? Tell us below!

"Something altogether more sinister..."

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