Wyrd Games Reveal New Look Hans For Malifaux 3E

February 22, 2019 by cassn

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Malifaux 3rd Edition is about to get a lot cooler, as a new look Hans stealths his way into the fantastical skirmish game!

If you’re on the opposing end of Hans’ rifle, you’ll likely be lights out before you even know where the shot came from. While his Clockwork Rifle is used by some other gunmen in Malifaux, only Hans is able to utilize it to the fullest extent. With four Triggers that allow him to handle just about any situation, Hans is able to end a life quickly or Slow them down before a quick escape.


Part of the Outcast Crew, Hans has Advanced Sights, Sniper, Ruthless, and Disguised Abilities, making him a formidable combination of difficult to see and dangerously accurate.


Hans also has the ability to send off a Warning Shot to other characters, causing characters to become Distracted or Stunned.


And, like any badass sniper, he lives by his own rules, so his Bonus Action allows him to add any suit to his final duel totals, giving him an upper hand when he lines up a killer shot.


Hans will be joining the Malifaux 3rd Edition soon, but you can keep up to date through the Wyrd Games website.

Will Hans be joining your Outlaw Crew?

"Lights out before you even know where the shot came from!"

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