Battle Alongside The Mighty W’adrhŭn Braves In Conquest Soon

March 25, 2021 by brennon

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We got a look at some of the excellent W'adrhŭn Braves miniatures which are coming to Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood soon from Para Bellum Wargames. These 35mm warriors are on the march and they seem very nice indeed!

Wadrhnn Braves Box - Conquest

W'adrhŭn Braves Box // Conquest

This regiment expansion box comes with a band of warriors who have something to prove. Rising from the steam of the jungles and crossing the Claustrine Mountains, they are ready to prove themselves against the other mighty empires of Conquest.

We'd seen a lot of renders and such previous to this but it's good to finally get a look at the W'adrhŭn in their final painted form. I must say, I do like this take on the classic Orc from the folks at Para Bellum.

Wadrhnn Braves Miniatures - Conquest

W'adrhŭn Braves Miniatures // Conquest

I really like the style of the shields which have been designed to give them maximum coverage as they rush forwards. They've then got deadly and well-used weapons in their hands that are no doubt even more brutal thanks to their muscular owners. The muted tone of the studio paint job is interesting and mixes with the idea of them fading into the jungle. You do have those nice flashes of colour though in the mask of the champion and that big dinosaur banner.

It will be fun to see what people do in terms of paint scheme for these miniatures when they get their hands on them. I could see a lot of folks going with the classic green but I reckon the W'adrhŭn would also suit all manner of colours. Maybe you could go with a ruddy brown/orange to match the Orcs of Warcraft? Perhaps a blue-grey could work if you wanted to highlight their skin a little more?

Are you tempted by the W'adrhŭn?

"Maybe you could go with a ruddy brown/orange to match the Orcs of Warcraft?"

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