Impose Your Rule With Conquest’s New Drillmasters & Highborne

May 18, 2020 by brennon

June sees the release of a bunch of new models for Para Bellum Wargames' Conquest PLUS some extra support for the four factions in the game. We start with some excellent new character models and the Drillmaster for the Hundred Kingdoms.

Drillmaster - Conquest

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This grim and resolute looking gentleman gives you another commander for your force.  When attached to a unit he increases their defence with the Bastion Draw Event and Drillmasters can even be taken in larger numbers to reinforce parts of the line that are weakest.

I love the model design too. He seems highly decorated and well-renowned amongst his peers and you know that if he draws that sword, he'd be able to cut you down. The bald head also makes him one hell of a badass.

The Colourful Elite

Not all of The Spires army is mindless drones which are honed to specific battlefield roles. Some of their kin are much more colourful than you might think, especially amongst the Lineage Highborne.

-5ec2754d895af--5ec2754d895b0Lineage Highborn - Conquest.jpg

At 75mm tall, these particular characters are some of the most brutal in The Spires army. They also look fantastic and very different from what we've seen before. As a Brute within their force, they are able to pierce the armour of even the most powerful of opponents and bring them low.

This then continues as we get a look at the Avatara who follow in the Highborne's giant footsteps.

Avatara - Conquest

Looking like they have been plucked from a gorgeous anime/manga series, these are some more terrifying yet beautiful miniatures for The Spires. I love their spindly look which makes them decidedly more uncanny. Again, they are powerful against armoured foes and could make a nice core for an elite fighting force.

Army Support Packs

As well as the miniatures above, the team at Para Bellum Wargames has also been working on a set of Support Packs for the Hundred Kingdoms, The Spires, Dweghom and Nords.

Dweghom Support Pack

Each set comes with objective cards, a wound marker, a deck box and then some wonderfully illustrated spell cards for each of the factions. The artwork on these is reason enough to pick them up I think! I love seeing things like these to embellish armies and keep things not just in-world but focused around the tabletop.

The various sets are linked above and I would recommend checking them out. Watch out for these releases later in June!

What do you think of these upcoming releases?

"What do you think of these upcoming releases?"

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