Courage & Prudence Models Previewed For Mythic’s Solomon Kane

May 25, 2018 by brennon

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If you were paying attention to Facebook earlier this week we played some games of Solomon Kane which we'll be bringing to you in the near future. We also got to see one of the new models that will be gracing the tabletop and watching over Solomon's shoulder during your games. Here is Courage...

Courage #1 - Solomon Kane

The models that Mythic Games are working on for this game are awesome indeed. Courage is a rather titanic model as well, standing head and shoulders over the rest of the mere mortals you'll be seeing during gameplay.

Courage #2 - Solomon Kane

It's going to be cool to see how people paint these models. I think they'd look great in an almost ethereal style, matching their more lofty position within the game, but you could very easily give them a realistic paintscheme too.


As well as Courage we also got to see some images of Prudence from Solomon Kane too. I think I might like this model even more!

Prudence Art #1 - Solomon Kane

That image of her striding forth towards her foes is eerie and powerful indeed! Remember, these are the aspects of Faith that you'll be controlling during your games of Solomon Kane, giving him and his allies boosts and more on the tabletop.

Prudence Art #2 - Solomon Kane

To round things off here is a look at how the models look when compared to a standard figure in the game, truly reflecting their scale!

Courage (Scale) - Solomon Kane

Are you looking forward to the launch of the Solomon Kane Kickstarter next month?

Drop your thoughts below!

"It's going to be cool to see how people paint these models..."

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