Explore The Americas Before The Europeans In Flint & Feather

October 3, 2018 by brennon

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Crucible Crush has now made available all of the Flint & Feather range for you to get stuck into. This new game sees you exploring the clashes between the factions that once controlled great swathes of land in the Americas before the coming of the Europeans.

Flint & Feathers Cover Art - Crucible Crush

Flint & Feather Starter Box

Here's more on the premise behind the game...

"An incredible civilization once occupied the region surrounding the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River water shed, long before the arrival of Europeans to the continent. These peoples lived by farming, trade, hunting and fishing and had developed a society with rich mythological traditions and complex inter-societal relationships that often led them into conflict with one another.

Flint & Feather is a tabletop game and range of quality miniatures designed to capture the excitement and colour of warfare in this era of dark forests and silvered waterways!"

It sounds rather awesome indeed and reminds me very much of the aims of games like Tribal which are trying to tell different stories. It's also good to see someone taking us to the American West without the introduction of the 'cowboy' in the mix.

Iroquois & Haundenosaunee War Party - Flint & Feathers

A whole range of awesome models has been created and sourced for this game which might be familiar as they have been brought to life by Bob Murch of Pulp Figures.

Huron & Wendat War Part - Flint & Feathers

Beyond these warbands though that you see here which have a distinctly Historical edge to them we also have some other more Mythological elements to throw into the equation. For example, you might find your warbands clashing against these Iroquoian Spirit Creatures.

Iroquoian Spirit Creatures Boxed Set - Crucible Crush

There is a lot to explore for this range and I would advise you to go and dive deeper into this one.

Any game which looks to try and tell a different story is one worth getting stuck into. I could see a lot of people drawn to this not only by the game but also because of the painting challenges offered up by collection Native Americans.

Will you be giving this a look?

"It's also good to see someone taking us to the American West without the introduction of the 'cowboy' in the mix..."

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