IDOLS of TORMENT By Black Magic Craft Coming Soon!

April 1, 2022 by brennon

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IDOLS of TORMENT is a new skirmish game coming from Black Magic Craft. The game is set to arrive on Kickstarter soon and offers up a fascinatingly dark fantasy game that encourages you to dive in and craft your own miniatures.

IDOLS of TORMENT Teaser Trailer // Black Magic Craft

The game is set in a strange and dark world where there is no heaven and no hell. The ruins of these realms now harbour the lost souls of humans who are fed upon by eight different Orders.

 Idols Of Torment Black Magic Craft

IDOLS of TORMENT Book Preview // Black Magic Craft

The game uses polyhedral dice that will be familiar to those who have played roleplaying games. This then feeds nicely into the focus of the game, to create thematic and immersive gameplay rather than a competitive environment. It's dark and twisted Fantasy storytelling.

The game features some interesting elements like a deck of Tarot-sized cards that reveal new events each turn. This dictates what the Cosmic Realm and The Primordials are up to in the background, changing up gameplay and tipping the balance in favour of each player at any moment.

Idols Of Torment Gameplay - Black Magic Craft

IDOLS of TORMENT Gameplay // Black Magic Craft

You can learn more about the game and what Black Magic Craft has lined up in the video down below...

IDOLS of TORMENT Miniatures Reveal // Black Magic Craft

This video also showed off the brand new miniatures that Black Magic Craft are working on alongside Crippled God Foundry. Whilst the game has been designed to be miniature agnostic, the miniatures representing The Lost in-game can be represented by some stunning sculpts. You could kit-bash your own of course!

Lost Miniatures - Crippled God Foundry

LOST Miniatures // Crippled God Foundry

As you can see from the miniatures that were printed off above, the team at Black Magic Craft and Crippled God Foundry have done a great job. I like that these lost souls have retained that human look to them, rather than being turned into anything ghostly. It reminds me of classic artwork representing both heaven and hell in paintings from the Renaissance.

These miniatures are going to be available to download and print at home. BUT, they are also going to be made as part of a plastic kit which is pretty cool! So, if you don't have access to a 3D Printer, you'll still be able to get your hands on these.

I am particularly interested in the game and I think it's neat to see another indie title coming out that focuses on being creative with your miniatures.

Are you going to be watching out for more on this game in the future?

"I think it's neat to see another indie title coming out that focuses on being creative with your miniatures..."

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