Grow Your Legion Of 10mm Undead Warriors With Printing In Detail

November 2, 2020 by brennon

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Printing In Detail has been producing more 10mm miniatures for your Fantasy armies and in particular a selection of new Undead troops and characters! All of the miniatures you see here have been produced based on the sculpts by Forest Dragon 3D (check out their Patreon).


Heavy Skeleton Infantry // Printing In Detail

The first option that they have introduced into their collection this week is this regiment of Heavy Skeleton Infantry. These warriors come clad in heavier armour with big weapons for hacking apart anything that gets in their way.

These soldiers were one the most elite of warriors in life and the same can be said about their skills in death. As with the Skeletons we looked at last time we previewed the range, they come with a selection of different banner options and you can them as a single tray or a larger regiment.


Heavy Skeleton Infantry Regiment // Printing In Detail

This gives you another hefty band of warriors for use on the tabletop, marching forth to do business for their masters. I love that there is a real focus on their leering skeletal faces. They stand out a lot, especially amongst all the metal, and should provide your enemy with something to get worried about.

As well as that core of your army you can also call on some of the wolves of the wild to fight beside you.


Dire Wolves Pack // Printing In Detail

You can assemble this pack to use alongside the flanks of an army. With these creatures bounding forwards you can harry ranged units and artillery at the rear of someone's force. Once again, the detail within these 10mm miniatures is absolutely astonishing. It's enough to get anyone excited by the prospect of games like Warmaster!

Next up we have something of a staple of classic Vampire Count armies from back in the day. Here we have the Baleful Carriage!


Baleful Carriage // Printing In Detail

This would be a good way to offer up boons to the rest of your army. I always thought that these seemed a little odd on the battlefield but they certainly provide you with something spectacular to centre your force around. It also helped to reinforce the theme of Vampire Counts of course.

New Undead Characters

We also have three new characters for you to consider using as leaders for your force. We have a second Necromancer who is summoning powerful beings from the other side to do battle for him.


Necromancer #2 // Printing In Detail

This fellow clearly really likes his undead pals as he's patting his friend on the head as he comes out of the ground. It's always good to send positive vibes through your undead servants as they smash their way out of the earth.

You can also get a little bit more bloody with the aid of this Vampire Lord who is taking command and leading the way into the fighting.


Vampire Lord #2 // Printing In Detail

This fellow has a serious "come at me bro" look to his stance and you could imagine him carving his way through ranks of foes and duelling enemy lords. The same goes for this Vampire Oldblood who seems to have let himself fall to his bestial nature.


Vampire Oldblood // Printing In Detail

This fellow is certainly the most ghoulish of the leaders that they have released so far. He is armed with a massive axe which has been dragged from some ancient vault and I imagine he leaps around the battlefield on those big wings, ready to crush anything that gets in his way.

Are you tempted to pick up these new 10mm miniatures from Printing In Detail?

"I imagine he leaps around the battlefield on those big wings, ready to crush anything that gets in his way..."

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