Printing In Detail Raise New 10mm Undead For Your Fantasy Battles

October 8, 2020 by brennon

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Printing In Detail has produced a new set of Forest Dragon Undead for you to use in your 10mm mass battle Fantasy games! We say it every time we see these but the amount of detail that has been captured in these miniatures is superb, especially for this smaller scale.

Vampire Lord - Printing In Detail

Vampire Lord // Printing In Detail

Leading the way we have this Vampire Lord (or Lady in this case) who is mounted up and ready to lead her undead legions into battle atop her nightmare steed. The detail on the armour and in the facial details is great and I love the flow of the miniature too which has that heroic edge. In 10mm it always helps to have your heroes stand out on the tabletop and this certainly gets that right.

The same goes for the Necromancer which has also been added to their Vampire Collection recently.

Necromancer - Printing In Detail

Necromancer // Printing In Detail

Drawing on inspiration from an old plastic Necromancer for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, this again works really nicely as a leader figure. I think the addition of the scenic base around the miniature really works as otherwise, this wizened old man might end up getting lost amongst similar looking ghouls and zombies on the tabletop.

It's hard not to just click buy on most of the miniatures from Printing In Detail and Forest Dragon. I don't need a 10mm Fantasy army but would it be so wrong when they look this good?

Raising The Rank & File Undead

As well as a couple of new leaders, you can also check out some of the new units which have been added into the mix too. You always need plenty of Skeletons and Ghouls when building up a big Undead army.

Skeleton Infantry - Printing In Detail

Skeleton Infantry // Printing In Detail

First up we have these Skeletons which come armed with spears at the ready and rotting armour and shields. The tightly packed look of these regiments makes them super scary and I think they'd make for a daunting opponent to face, especially when ranked up fully across the battlefield. You can also get them with different images crafted into their banners to depending on what design catches your eye.

As well as the Skeleton Infantry above you can also pick up a regiment of Ghouls too. These packs of ravening creatures can be unleashed on the flanks of your army to hunt down tasty morsels and sow discord amongst the enemies ranks.

Ghouls - Printing In Detail

Ghouls // Printing In Detail

There is a good mix of Ghouls here in various stances which makes them feel like an uncontrollable rabble. All you have to do is mix up the placement of the different strips and you'll create the illusion of a lot of unique miniatures on the tabletop. I particularly like the one perched on a rock ready to leap at some poor fool!

Finally, we're taking to the skies and introducing some Giants Bats into this 10mm army.

Giant Bats - Printing In Detail

Giant Bats // Printing In Detail

With a lack of shooting in an Undead/Vampire army, it falls to Giant Bats to head into the thick of things and cut down the likes of artillery crews and such. If you can sneak these into the back of your opponent's army and keep their ranged units tied up then it will be a lot easier for your slow and lumbering undead legion.

Are you tempted by these rather awesome new Undead miniatures and if so, what games will you be playing with them?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below...

"Are you tempted by these rather awesome new Undead miniatures and if so, what games will you be playing with them?"

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