Gripping Beast Bring Magic & Horrors To Halloween Tabletops

October 28, 2019 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has been adding some new releases into the mix and maybe a few old favourites too in the spirit of the spooky season. Leading the way however we have a very cool new model who could be added into your Age Of Magic force, The Enchantress Of Wood & Meadow.

Enchantress Of Wood & Meadow - Gripping Beast

This model shows off an awesome female sorcerer who is summoning power from the world around her to blast apart those who would threaten the natural order. She was sculpted by Angel Terol and then painted up by Ben MacIntyre.

I like the little things on this model that aren't entirely obviously like her cloven hooves, the ram horns curled back from her head and that flowing mane of hair.

Horrifying Characters

As well as the new release there for Age Of Magic we've also got some options for those who want a Halloween-themed project. First up we have The Witch & Her Cat.

The Witch & Her Cat - Gripping Beast

This is a Bob Naismith sculpt and shows the Witch peeking into her cauldron as she conjures up a spell and plays around with some potentially vile contents within. I also like that she's got that very serious-looking cat by her side with a glower on its face.

Adding another rather funny release into the mix there is also The Ghoul who has been made safe for work by a well-placed pumpkin.

The Ghoul - Gripping Beast

Duncan Patten is the sculptor behind this particular release and he does indeed seem well endowed for a cave-dwelling beast. He could also work as Grendel if you fancied using him for some antics in the North as Beowulf flexes and gets ready for a scrap.

What do you make of these new options from Gripping Beast?

"What do you make of these new options from Gripping Beast?"

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