Meet The Mordanburg State Guard Of 4Ground’s Fabled Realms

June 11, 2017 by brennon

4Ground has shared some previews with us of what's coming for The Legends of Fabled Realms! This time it's a look ahead to some of the Mordanburg State Guard miniatures you will be able to get your hands on.


Leading the way we have this Female Archer who will be taking the enemy to task from range. She looks like she is just in the midst of launching an arrow towards her foe, probably toppling them from the walls of the fort they're protecting. I really like the braid of hair which is flowing down behind her shoulder, a nice touch.

She is then joined by other hardy warriors like this soldier with Halberd here. As a big burly fellow, you might imagine him enjoying some time in the tavern before heading out to protect the streets from the Druggoi.


Talking of big bruiser style characters you don't get much tougher than an Orc!


This fellow has been designed to cross the gap between the Orcs we're familiar with and a much more civilised ideal. It really follows along with the 'noble savage' look that we've liked in other games over recent years too. I love the big, heavy plate armour and the sword with its intricate designs.

Adding a touch of magic to proceedings we also have these two Wizards with a Gnome first, who looks quite tricksy...

gnome wizard2 (002)

...and this Human Female Wizard who is in the midst of casting some magic in quite an elaborate way. Let's hope she continues to be as agile when the enemies are upon her!

female wizard2 (002)

The design of these characters has really come to life as we've seen more and more renders and final sculpts. The folks at 4Ground have indeed thought long and hard about the type of aesthetic they want to bring to the tabletop and it's come off nicely.


As well as the models you see above we have a few pieces of concept art that show off these characters and also some of those that might be stretch goals in the campaign. Since we've seen so many good guys let's go bad for a while!

Dragoul Henchmen

This Female Dragoul Henchman, for example, is a skittering creep that you could see worming its way across the floor and then up into your window to feast on your flesh! Maybe she is even the herald for the Terror Of Bleakfellend?

Terror Druggoi

I think it's going to take more than just a few heroes to take down something as dangerous as this. It's time to band together and work as one against this, putting rivalries aside methinks.

This style of artwork, as if it has come from the Fabled Realms itself, is nice for showing off some of the characters too. For example, here we have some more of the Eightfold Path warriors like this Crossbowman...

Eightfold Crossbow

...and this Warden. I like all these characters with their lanterns. It adds to the darkness and foreboding and makes you want to play these games on a dimly lit table so the terrors remain hidden in the darkness!

Eightfold Path Warden

I just had to find a Dwarf in the mix of artwork somewhere and so that's where we look when we turn to Grom Argamfind. Nicely proportioned and in keeping with his Dwarven kind he seems like quite the stout warrior.

Mordanburg Dwarf

Even the Gnomes are coming across and sharing their skills with this lady here stepping into the breach to use her ranging skills to stop the foes at your door.

Mordanburg Gnome Archer

Of course being a Dwarf at heart I don't put much stock in Elves but when you see Sellswords like this with a bit of fire in their bellies and some war wounds you have to admire their fighting prowess.

Sell Sword Guild Elf Greatsword

Each of these characters coming with a bit of character to them and a name certainly gets you inspired to start naming your own characters and dive right into the world when the game comes out.

Sell Sword Guild Human Crossbow

We can't wait for The Legends Of Fabled Realms to hit the tabletop after its Kickstarter later this year and hope you're going to join us on this journey.

What do you think of the art and models?

"As a big burly fellow, you might imagine him enjoying some time in the tavern before heading out to protect the streets from the Druggoi..."

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