Mighty Godtear Metal Models Previewed By Steamforged Games

January 19, 2018 by brennon

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An array of the early Godtear miniatures have been shown off in a preview from Steamforged Games. These will be the kind of miniatures you'll get in your Early Access Pack...

Godtear Miniatures

The models have been put together, showing off the different champions and their allies that will come as part of their force. They break down into three sets with Shayle and his set here first...

Shayle & Group - Godtear

...followed by Rhodri Ironheart and his Dwarven companions battling in secondly.

Rhodri Ironheart & Group - Godtear

Whilst I do like Dwarves I think my favourites from this set of previews would have to be Raeth'Marid here, the large draconic individual with a glowering look.

Raeth Marid & Group - Godtear

There will be a waiting list for those interested in picking up the boxes that will contain these early miniatures. Here's more information on what's around the corner.

"The weight of the box comes to a whopping 1.7KG (3.7lbs). The boxes will contain everything you’ll need to lead your Champions and their Followers on their journey to collect the Godtears and help us create a fantastic game!"

You will be able to check back on Monday for the price of the set so watch this space.

Are you excited by what's coming from Godtear?

"...my favourites from this set of previews would have to be Raeth'Marid"

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