Mythological Monsters Come To Life From Atlantis Miniatures

November 1, 2017 by brennon

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Atlantis Miniatures have been previewing some of the big models from their upcoming project which will focus in massive mythological beasts for you to use on the tabletop.


This range of renders are work-in-progress pieces which show off some impressive models. The Werewolf, for example, is looking fantastic, howling up towards the moon...but it doesn't just stop there.

A focus appears to be towards some of the classic mythological beasts from the Greek pantheon. Cerberus here guards the gates of hell...


...whilst the Minotaur stands in wait within the darkness of the Labyrinth looking to hunt down those who stray away from the path.


If you like the idea of playing some of the Ancient Greek tabletop games out there like Of Gods & Mortals then the Cyclops for example here would be cool to face off against the Argonauts.


As a bit more of a sedate-looking model we also have Pegasus here. Whilst most of the other models would be great for battles I think that the Pegasus would be perfect for a big painting project.


Last but not least we have something more focused towards the Egyptian side of things with the Sphinx.


This Sphinx looks a little more deadly and dangerous compared to other interpretations of the mythical beast. I think for a role-playing game if you dropped this into a dungeon it would be a great prospect.

What do you think of the previews they've shown off so far?

"I think for a role-playing game if you dropped this into a dungeon it would be a great prospect..."

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