Salty Nord Captains & Grizzled Veterans Released For Conquest

October 7, 2020 by brennon

To help you on your Path Of Conquest, the team at Para Bellum Wargames has been adding a few new options into the mix for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. Both the Nords and Hundred Kingdoms are marching to war with new elite options.

Captain - Conquest

Captain // Conquest

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Leading the way for the Nords we now have a grizzled Captain who you could imagine standing heroically at the prow of his massive longship as it glides through the waves towards a new port. He seems like the kind of character who is always eerily jovial about everything, even in the heat of battle. I particularly like the falchion which gives him that swashbuckling edge whilst the rest of the model still hones in on that Nord aesthetic of fur and leather.

If you're interested in holding the front line with some powerful infantry then the Nords can also call on the power of their Huskarls.

Huskarls - Conquest

Huskarls // Conquest

Much like their historical counterparts, Huskarls have been able to devote themselves entirely to a career in warfare and so that has made them some of the finest warriors out there. Armed with some seriously blinged-out weapons and armour they do look like the kind of warriors a Jarl would call upon in their time of need. They are a good mainstay infantry option which is unlikely to waver in the face of monstrous odds.

Marshal The Hundred Kingdoms' Best!

Not to be outdone on the veteran front, the Hundred Kingdoms have been able to call upon some of their most experienced soldiers too. For example, maybe you'd like to bring the Household Guard into the fold?

Household Guard - Conquest

Household Guard // Conquest

The warriors of the Household Guard are made up of an interesting assortment of warriors. You've got your grizzled veterans in there but you've also got legionnaires, mercenaries and even young nobles who have very few other prospects. Despite this they still a good unit to plonk right into the middle of your army with their hefty halberds keeping enemy at bay.

You can also take things to the next level and ask the Gilded Legion to fight alongside you on the tabletop.

Gilded Legion - Conquest

Gilded Legion // Conquest

With a history that is almost as storied and diverse as that of the Steel Legion, they are one of the oldest established groups within the Hundred Kingdoms. They are guardians of the Imperial Mint and protectors of those tax collectors which need to make their way around the kingdom bringing in money to fund campaigns. This has meant that they have a less than favourable reputation amongst the common folk but they are still a deadly option for you to introduce into your force.

I really like the aesthetic of a lot of these new miniatures. There is specifically something about the two new entries for the Hundred Kingdoms which hits a chord with me. I really like that aesthetic which is all buffed armour and hard faces. Tie that into a fearsome reputation on both counts and you've got some fun miniatures to paint up and use in battle.

Are you tempted by these new offerings?

"I really like that aesthetic which is all buffed armour and hard faces..."

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