OnePageRules Show Off Ace Mummified Undead For Patreon

September 9, 2020 by brennon

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The team at OnePageRules don't just provide fun wargaming rules for you to play on the tabletop. As well as that they've also got some great 3D Printable STL Files for you to get your hands on through their Patreon! September brings the Mummified Undead to the fore for those playing Age Of Fantasy or Age Of Fantasy: Skirmish.

Mummy King - OnePageRules

Mummy King // OnePageRules

These Mummified Undead are going to be released in three parts over the next few months where you'll get your hands on six or seven miniatures each time. Obviously, as these are STL Files you can print them off as many times as you like in order to turn them into a full-blown army for your games.

This month, Patreon Backers get first dibs on the Mummified Undead with the Mummy King plus a selection of Warriors and Horsemen to start making the core of your army for Age Of Fantasy and beyond.

Skeleton Warriors - OnePageRules

Skeleton Warriors // OnePageRules

The team at OnePageRules are working with a new sculptor who has been doing some excellent work as you can see here. I love the style of these with some seriously evil looking Skeletons getting ready to drag you down into the baking sands of the desert! There is plenty of the Khemri about them and a touch of The Mummy film in there too which always gets a thumbs up from me.

Those who are not backing the Patreon (and there is a LOT for you to get through their Patreon project so you're missing out) will be able to get these files later on down the line thanks to CGTrader.

Skeleton Horsemen - OnePageRules

Skeleton Horsemen // OnePageRules

More miniatures are on the way for the Mummified Undead over the next few months so make sure to watch this space. As they revealed as part of their September preview, you'll be able to get your hands on something big in the third month so make sure to stick around and keep an eye on Patreon.

OnePageRules; More To Come!

There is a lot more to come from OnePageRules and we should be exploring what they have to offer over the next few weeks. Obviously, they have these offerings for Age Of Fantasy right now but there is a whole new Sci-Fi army coming, new rules for a Warfleet game, a quick skirmish-style game called Arena and much more.

Mummified Undead - OnePageRules

Mummified Undead // OnePageRules

As I mentioned above, these Mummified Undead are available for Patreon backers right now and it's well worth checking out the update in more depth HERE plus maybe consider joining their Discord and following them on Instagram in order to get a sneak peek into development and join their community.

Who could say no to a horde of angry undead rising from the desert?

"This month, Patreon Backers get first dibs on the Mummified Undead..."

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