Steamforged Add To The Critical Role Cast With Limited Edition Kashaw

January 22, 2019 by dracs

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Kashaw Vesh, the caustic cleric from Critical Role, is now up for pre-order as a limited edition model from Steamforged Games.

Kashaw was a member of the Slayer's Take guild and ally of Vox Machina, the group of adventurers who formed the protagonists of Critical Role's first campaign. He was played on the series by special guest Will Friedle.

Kashaw's official portrait by Kit Buss

I'll admit to not knowing much about Critical Role, but the character model is nonetheless very striking. It's a great character piece, with some nice touches of detail, especially with the folds of cloth and the design of his shield. The pose is a bit static, but it does convey something of his personality.

The model is only available to order until February 11th, or he can be found earlier at the Las Vegas Open February 8th to the 10th.

Is Kashaw one of your Critical Role favourites? What character do you want to see next?

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