Vote On Steamforged’s PAX South Critical Role Miniature

October 5, 2018 by brennon

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With PAX South coming up early next year, Steamforged Games are looking to another vote where you can decide on which new Critical Role character you'd like to see brought to life for the event.

Critical Role Draconic Half-Elf Calianna - Steamforged Games

The first of the characters is Calianna, the Draconic Half-Elf played by Mark Hulmes who The Mighty Nein met on their journeys for The Gentleman. She was in services to the Cult of the Caustic Heart but changed her ways and now seeks out ways to bring them down at every opportunity.

She was a rather awesome character and her story created some interesting dynamics amongst The Mighty Nein.

Kerrek The Dragonslayer

Next up we have a fan favourite who was played by author Patrick Rothfuss. A kind and calm man, Kerrek was known as 'Uncle Kerrek' by the townsfolk that he protected and he had quite the effect on Vox Machina when they met, presenting them with a calm humility and empathy that they might have otherwise lost.

Critical Role Kerrek The Dragonslayer - Steamforged Games

Kerrek became a great friend to Keyleth, being one of the only ones who fully understood the trials that she was undergoing as part of her Aramente. Kerrek was an awesome character and he very much embodied a lot of the things I'd love to play around with as a Paladin.

Vox Moronica

We then have a member of a splinter group that popped up during one of the Critical Role side adventures. Here we have Ulfgar Fireforge of Vox Moronica!

Critical Role Ulfgar Firefore - Steamforged Games

Ulfgar is a Dwarven Fighter who was played by Ify Nwadiwe. He fist-bumped everyone that he met, a traditional Dwarven greeting of course, and carried his twin swords known as Regina and Linda into battle against his enemies.

I do love my Dwarves and Steamforge have done a very good job on this particular warrior. All of the heroes are looking stunning and hopefully even though we're only voting on one we're going to get them all eventually.

You can vote on which miniature you'd like to see at PAX South HERE and let us know in the comments below.

Which character do you like best?

"You can vote on which miniature you'd like to see at PAX South HERE and let us know in the comments below..."

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